Starting a young adult book festival, YALLWEST, we sought advice from local teens on what kinds of give-aways and merchandise would get them excited for the event. They all agreed that metallic tattoos were first on the list. We promised to make it happen, and GoldInk Tattoo actually made it happen.
We got our tattoos exactly when advertised. They actually arrived before the bags we stuffed for schools across the LA area. The quality of these tattoos is phenomenal. It’s amazing to see kids and teachers look in awe when the see them. They treat it as if we’ve created something magical.
The benefit was immediate. As giveaways, the tattoos were a huge hit. As merchandise for a festival, we couldn’t be happier. Everyone that see our GoldInk tattoos says, “I want those! Can I have those? PLEEASSE!”

Shane Pangburn

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